All Members - (1687)

 GOLD Member A-A Anchor Bolt, Inc.
 GOLD Member AA Spartan Specialties, Ltd.
 GOLD Member A Klein Company
 GOLD Member Alta Equipment Company
 GOLD Member Aluminum Supply Co., Inc.,WBE, DBE, SBE, DCBE, WCBE, DSB
 GOLD Member American Fence & Supply Co., Inc.
 GOLD Member American Mechanical Insulation Sales, Inc.
 GOLD Member Aqua Dry Waterproofing, Inc., SBE
 GOLD Member Bill James Plumbing (See Macomb Mechanical, Inc.)
 GOLD Member Burton Co., H.V.
 GOLD Member Cain Co., J.B. (See Macomb Mechanical, Inc.)
 GOLD Member Climacool (See ThermalNetics)
 GOLD Member Climate By Design International (CDI) (See ThernmalNetics)
 GOLD Member Conley Associates, Inc., D.J.
 GOLD Member DTE Energy, Inc. - Major Enterprise Projects
 GOLD Member Daikin (See ThermalNetics)
 GOLD Member Deppmann Co., R.L.
 GOLD Member Detroit Diamond Drilling, Inc., DCBE, DSB, VOSB
 GOLD Member DiHydro Services, Inc., VOB
 GOLD Member Diversified Spec. Sales, Inc.
 GOLD Member Division 9 Of Stony Creek Services
 GOLD Member Dura-Crete
 GOLD Member Faro Imaging
 GOLD Member Fendt Builders Supply, Inc.
 GOLD Member Ferndale Electric Co.
 GOLD Member Ferndale Electric Co., Inc., Systems Integration Division
 GOLD Member Ferndale Electric Co., Systems Integration Division
 GOLD Member Future Fabricating Co.
 GOLD Member Future Fence Co. (See Also Dura-Crete & Future Fabricating Co.)
 GOLD Member Hanes Geo Components
 GOLD Member Innovent (See ThermalNetics)
 GOLD Member Johnson Controls, Inc.
 GOLD Member Lee Industrial Contracting
 GOLD Member Macomb Concrete Cutting, Inc.
 GOLD Member Macomb Mechanical, Inc.
 GOLD Member Mark I Restoration Services, SBE, DCBE, WCBE
 GOLD Member Marshall Sales, Inc.,WBE, DBE, SBE, DCBE, WCBE, DSB
 GOLD Member McDowell & Associates
 GOLD Member Metal City Fab
 GOLD Member Michigan Air Products
 GOLD Member Michigan Mechanical Abatement, Inc.
 GOLD Member Midland Tool & Supply
 GOLD Member Power Techniques, Inc. (PTI), WBE, SBE, WOSB
 GOLD Member Pullman SST, Inc.
 GOLD Member R.S. Dale Company, Inc.
 GOLD Member Rayhaven Group, Inc., WCBE
 GOLD Member Sani-Vac Service, Inc.
 GOLD Member Seasons-4 (See ThermalNetics)
 GOLD Member Smart Energy Insulation Michigan Mechanical, Inc.
 GOLD Member Spartan Specialties, Ltd.
 GOLD Member Steele-Johnson, Inc. (See Macomb Mechanical, Inc.)
 GOLD Member Stony Creek Services, Inc.
 GOLD Member TN Service, Inc.
 GOLD Member The Macomb Group, Inc.
 GOLD Member ThermalNetics, LLC
 GOLD Member VTC Insurance Group
 GOLD Member Yaskawa (See ThermalNetics)
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 SILVER Member A & C Builders Hardware, Inc., WBE
 SILVER Member A.S. Contrera, LLC
 SILVER Member A & S Industrial Coating Co., Inc.
 SILVER Member Accurate Construction Services, LLC, SBE, WCBE
 SILVER Member Andover Controls Corp.
 SILVER Member Architectural Building Components
 SILVER Member Arctic Air, Inc., SBE
 SILVER Member BASS Controls - Building Automated Systems & Services
 SILVER Member B & B Fence, Inc.
 SILVER Member Barton Malow
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 SILVER Member Behler-Young Company
 SILVER Member Bennings Industrial Flooring
 SILVER Member Bennings Painting, Inc.
 SILVER Member Bennings Vapor Blasting
 SILVER Member Blue Water Environmental, Inc., SBE
 SILVER Member Booms Stone Co.
 SILVER Member Boone & Darr, Inc.
 SILVER Member Bumler Mechanical, Inc.
 SILVER Member Christman Capital Development Company
 SILVER Member Christman Company, DBB, The
 SILVER Member Cipriano Coating Technology, Inc., SBE
 SILVER Member Clean Air Technology, Inc.
 SILVER Member Climate Sales, LLC
 SILVER Member Commercial Contracting Corp.
 SILVER Member Construction Association Of Michigan
 SILVER Member Cougar Contracting, Inc.
 SILVER Member Cougar Sales & Rentals, Inc., MDOT, WCAA, DBE, SBE
 SILVER Member Crane Technologies Group, Inc., WBE, SBE
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 SILVER Member Crawford Pile Driving, LLC
 SILVER Member Curtis Glass Company
 SILVER Member D.J. Maltese Construction Corp.
 SILVER Member De-Cal, Inc. Mechanical Contractors, DCBE
 SILVER Member DeMaria
 SILVER Member Dedoes
 SILVER Member Detroit Dismantling Corp., WBE, DCBE, SBE, DSB
 SILVER Member Detroit Technical Equipment Co., WBE
 SILVER Member Dixon, Inc., MBE, DCBE, WCBE
 SILVER Member Eastern Engineering, WBE
ad RS Dale
 SILVER Member Edwards Glass Co.
 SILVER Member Exceptional Product Sales
 SILVER Member F.M.G. Concrete Cutting, Inc.