Engineers - (135)

 GOLD Member McDowell & Associates
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 SILVER Member Testing Engineers & Consultants, Inc. (TEC) WBE, SBE, DCBE, WCBE
 BRONZE Member Giffels Webster, DCBE, WCBE
 BRONZE Member Haengel & Associates Engineering, Inc. (HAE)
 BRONZE Member Kibbe & Associates, Inc., William A., SBE
 BRONZE Member Kolano & Saha Engineers, Inc.
 BRONZE Member PEA Group
 BRONZE Member Ruby + Associates, Inc., WBE
 BRONZE Member SERS Structural & Geotech Engineering, MBE, DBE, SBE, SDB
American Council Of Engineering Companies (ACEC Of Michigan)
ad Alta Equipment
AE2, Inc./Geotech, Inc.
Albert Kahn Associates
Alpine Engineering, Inc.
Anderson, Eckstein & Westrick, Inc.
Architecturally Engineered Structures, PLLC
BACE-Bojanowski Associates Consulting Engineers
BMJ Engineers & Surveyors, Inc.
BVS Associates, Inc.
Beckett & Raeder, Inc., SBE
Berbiglia Associates, Inc.
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Bobish Engineering
Boss Engineering Co.
Bowser-Morner, Inc.
CDA Engineering, Inc.
CORE Design Group, Inc.
Century A & E
Civil Engineers, Inc.
Clark Trombley Randers
Commonwealth Associates, Inc.
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Comprehensive Engineering
Consulting Engineering Associates, Inc.
DADS Structural Engineering
Dailey Engineering, Inc.
DiClemente Siegel Design Inc.
Dixon Engineering, Inc.
Doshi Associates, Inc.
EAM Engineers, Inc.
ETS Engineering, Inc.
Elite Engineering Services, Inc.
ad VTC Insurance Group
Engineering Plus, Inc.
Engineering Services, Inc., DBE
Engineering Technologies Corp.
Environmental Engineers, Inc.
Fleis & VandenBrink
Flint Surveying & Engineering Co.
GAI Architects
GMB Architecture + Engineering
G2 Consulting Group, LLC
Gala & Associates, Inc., MBE, SBE
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George Jerome & Co.
Geotech, Inc.
Ghafari Associates, LLC
Gourdie-Fraser, Inc., SBE
Granger III, PE, LLC, George A.
Harley Ellis Devereaux
Hartman Architects/Engineers, George J.
Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc.
IBI Group
IMEG Corp. (Includes Formerly Desai/Nasr & Process Results, Inc.)
ad Lee Contracting
Inland Seas Engineering, Inc.
Integrated Architecture
Integrated Design Solutions, LLC
JRED Engineering, Inc., DBE, SBE
Johnson & Anderson, Inc.
Jones & Henry Engineers, Ltd.
KEM-TEC - A Group Of Companies
KF Engineering, Inc.
Kovacs Engineering
Landmark Engineering Co.
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LaVere Structural Consulting, LLC
Layne, Fred M., PE
Lehner Associates, Inc.
Lombardo & Associates, Inc., J.A.
Lopez Engineering, Inc.
M E P Engineers, LLC, SBE
MacMillan Associates, Inc.
Mannik & Smith Group, Inc.
Mason Brown Associates, LLC
Mechanical Electrical Engineering Consultants, PC
Midwestern Consulting, LLC
Montero Enterprises, Inc.
Munsell Associates, Inc., Engineers/Architects
NTH Consultants, Ltd.
Nederveld, Inc.
Nehil-Sivak Consulting Structural Engineers
Nordlund & Associates, Inc.
Nowak & Fraus Engineers
OHM Advisors
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OHM Advisors
OMM Engineering, Inc.
Osborn Engineering
Paradigm Design, Inc.
Partridge Associates, Inc., James
Partridge Consulting, LLC, James
Peter Basso Associates, Inc.
Postema, Richard Associates